MyWMCStory billboard comp1_Jan2015.jpg

billboards are tough

Billboards are also an art. Very few companies do them well. Aside from Chick-Fil-A, there aren't many who knock it out of the park. You have to be impactful in less than 5 words. You have to capture people zooming by at 70 mph who have a million other things to look at. At Williamson Medical Center, we hit a home run with this one. As the creative lead on this project, it took convincing a traditional company that we couldn't put service lines, phone numbers, web sites, QR codes and hours on a billboard.

So how do you tell all the stories a top-notch medical center has to tell and make everyone happy while being effective? You find a rock star legend who had a deadly aortic aneurysm but was saved and brought back to his former glory thanks to an amazing medical staff and is willing to share his story. Then you condense a 2-hour interview into four words. Add in a slammin' photograph, the finesse of a great designer and some elite real estate high above a major interstate right at the medical center's front door. It's that simple.