Choosing the perfect words to convey a message is so important. Sometimes an entire story has to be relayed in one sentence. In my opinion, effective writing with minimal words is an art form and something we strive to perfect everyday. 

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Our challenge here was to lure potential hip replacement candidates to call us for more information. The joint replacement audience is getting younger as replacements become more effective. Now, people aren't getting hips replaced at 80 so they can walk, they are getting them at 60 so they can keep doing CrossFit or playing basketball. We needed a way to say that succinctly, so we came up with this tagline.

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This "Tell Us Your Story" campaign featured real people telling their real stories. These folks were not paid or told what to say. We just brought them in and let them talk. The challenge came in condensing their amazing stories into a concise, effective block of copy. The campaign spanned the web site, where we used video to tell the stories, billboards, where we used one quote, and print ads where we had a little more real estate, but still needed to get to the point. Click on the ad to the left to read the story.

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We have been involved in creating and executing multiple campaigns consisting of video, social, web, print and commercial reach with one unified message. One example is Williamson Medical Center's #StandWithUs campaign. Upon learning that the residents of our county might be asked to vote on the medical center's future, we realized the community needed to know the full story, so we created a hashtag and asked the residents of our area to #StandWithUs. And boy did they ever. Click HERE to see the #StandWithUs web page.