A lot to say in a small space

Williamson Medical Group had recently formed its Breast Health Center and the web site needed to reflect all of the facets of this center. I researched, organized and wrote the entire collection of web pages for this service. It needed to present a lot of information in a concise way. We included video, testimonials, links and images to supplement the copy and further enhance the story. 


entire site rewrite

Williamson Medical Center's web site was outdated and lacked necessary bells and whistles. So our team worked with SnapShot Interactive to redesign and reorganize the entire site that features multiple business units. We did not move one single copy block from the old site to the new one. We rewrote every. single. word. We shot all new photography and video, interviewed key players, researched interesting statistics, worked in testimonials and social media integration. We worked with human resources to beef up the application process online. With the copy, our goal was to use minimal words to state facts and act as supplements to the graphic and video elements.