Below are some examples of logos and branding where we bridged the gap between top brass, stakeholders, the design team and creative thinkers to achieve the most optimal outcome for everyone involved.



When the founder of a post-operative rehab program came to us for help with a company name and brand identity, we looked deeply into the roots of the program to realize it is a transitionary state where a lot of growth and change occurs. It seemed very much like a cocoon, or a Chrysalis, where patients emerge from this recovery period a beautiful butterfly.

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dwell at mcewen

This high-end apartment complex was the first multifamily project for Southern Land Co., which was known for its single family developments. The apartments needed a slick, modern, high-end name and identity. We worked with the interior design team as well as apartment managers to come up with a concise name that would create brand identity for this development as well as be easy to find online. 

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The one complaint this company was getting from its Amazon customers was that the soap was too expensive. We worked with this company to rebrand itself as a higher-end product by cleaning up the logo, honing in the descriptions and playing up the natural ingredients.


When the owner of this beautiful 40-acre farm came to us for help naming and branding her property, which she intended to market as a location for television and movie shoots, we worked together to create an easily recognizable mark with a friendly and modern look.


Williamson medical group

Williamson Medical Center owned multiple physician practices that were operating under their original names with no ties back to the medical center. We embarked on rebranding all of these offices under one umbrella that had its own identity, which felt like a connected family of physicians. We wanted an eye-catching logo that only lent a nod to the medical world and didn't feel overly clinical.


This amazing company began as an idea by a horse owner who grew tired of stuffing her animals full of chemicals. She originally created a logo herself that was fine when she was getting started, but the business grew to a point that she needed a more professional brand. We walked her through modernizing her logo and making it high-end without changing the essence of the brand.

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breast health center 

WMC needed to give its outpatient imaging center an identity that connected it to the medical center's breast health department. We loved the feminine color palette and the subtle nod to the pink ribbon.

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tucker hill

Southern Land Company's second large-scale single family development in McKinney, Texas, needed a brand that spoke to the heritage of the land, yet also addressed the traditional architecture Southern Land is known for. We came up with the name and simple mark, with a nod to the front porch planter pot. 

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hero hangout

This event needed a brand that wasn't too focused on princesses or superheroes, but communicated that this fun event would have both. We couldn't alienate the girls or the boys with anything too pink or too blue. We also needed to convey that this was an open house that was meant to be a "drop by" party.